The PocketVox

The PocketVox

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The PocketVox Voice Therapy and Vocal Training Tool is made of high-grade non-BPA silicone and by its ergonomic design, can fit easily most water bottles and the specially designed BottleVox for PocketVox.

The pocketVOX uses the principles of DoctorVox Voice Therapy Technique for voice therapy and professional voice development. The main mechanism involves artificial elongation of the vocal tract and a secondary vibrating resistance (i.e. water bubbles) for vocal tract inertance. It’s designed for practical daily use for rehabilitation of dysphonic patients and the daily maintenance of the professional voice users.

There are two tube openings on the top. The short tube is for humidification. Think of it like adding lotion to the vocal cords. The long tube is to vocalize into water to creat bubbling.

In order to control and monitor of the amount of back-pressure (water weight air resistance) there are lines and numbers on the tube.

The Vox is the singer's and speaker's secret weapon to warming up in record time, reducing vocal inflammation, and building pure vocal strength. Watch this video to learn more about the Vox and what comes in your kit.

Watch this video to learn about the magic of back-pressure and how you can use the sound of your own voice to massage your vocal cords through bubbling.

Before using your Vox watch this video to learn how to adjust your water level for the perfect vocal massage and how to properly clean your kit.