What is the DoctorVox?

DoctorVox devices are the perfect tools for quicker, more effective warmups and cool downs, improved and increased range, tone, and stamina, as well and vocal rehabilitation (via DVT therapy).

The DoctorVox tools are the evolution of phonation glass tubes and silicone LaxVox tubes.

Phonating into glass tubes for therapeutic purposes started as early as 1899 by a German laryngologist Gustav Spiess. The glass tubes, called resonance tubes, were used for rehabilitation of voice disorders and habilitation of professional voice users. One end of a glass tube was placed into water as a therapy approach, then for voice therapy in the 1950s by Antti Sovijarvi, a Finish phonetician. 

Finnish Voice Pathologist, Marketta Sihvo presented a silicone tube which she has named, LaxVox. The LaxVox Tube is 35 cm long (roughly 14 inches) and 9-12 mm diameter (roughly 1/2 inch). Bubbling through the tube (when placed in a glass of water) creates an artificial elongation of the vocal tract and increased back-pressure that is adjusted by the level of water.

In 2003, at a PEVOC Conference in Graz, Turkish laryngologist and phoniatrician, Ilter Denizoglu (creator of DoctorVox) attended her workshop where she demonstrated how to exercise the voice using a LaxVox tube. He then studied the LaxVox tube exercise for two years in his clinic and laboratory. After two years, Sihvo and Denizoglu met again and decided to work together. They presented the method as LVVT (LaxVox Voice Therapy) in various international conferences until 2014.

In time, Sihvo’s LaxVox tube exercise was modified and expanded by Dr. Denizoglu into the DoctorVox Voice Therapy Method (DVT). DVT provides a muscle-specific exercise program for clinical and pedagogical practice combining medical, pedagogical, and physical principles.

New devices were additionally devised by Denizoglu, including the original DoctorVox, PocketVox, MaskVox, and the All-In-One Vox (which added the valve on the outlet tube for adjusting back-pressure). 

The MaskVox allows the user to expand beyond bubbling to articulation for singing and speaking, receiving the same benefits of LaxVox phonation, resulting in vocal muscle balance that provided instantly noticeable results in range, tone, and stamina.

What are the benefits to using DoctorVox?

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases vocal range
  • Alleviates vocal strain
  • Develops vocal strength
  • Improves breath control
  • Sustain longer notes
  • Fast & efficient warmups
  • Better cord closure
  • Reduces sound level
  • Can be used anywhere (home, venues, hotels, airports, etc.)
  • Light & portable
  • Easy to clean

What’s the difference between the DoctorVox and the All-In-One Vox?

Both Vox devices massage the vocal folds with sound and provide variable water resistance to increase back-pressure and alleviate unnecessary muscular tension. 

The DoctorVox is your WARMUP tool and STAGE device! If you're rehearsing or performing with a band or choir, the DoctorVox is your main tool for the stage. Hang it around your neck with the supplied lanyard and warm up your voice on the go whether driving to the gig, sitting on a tourbus, relaxing in a hotel room, or warming up back stage before the show. You can even use it on stage in between songs and guitar solos.

The All-In-One Vox is your WORKOUT tool and STUDIO device! If you're getting ready to record vocals in a recording studio, or practicing your vocal exercises in your practice room, or teaching voice with your students, the All-In-One Vox is the better choice. 

The All-In-One Vox provides an adjustable air resistance valve on the outlet (side tube). This allows the user to add additional back-pressure for a more intensified vocal workout without having to raise water levels. It's also perfect for breathing exercises by increasing the airflow resistance.

You'll also never worry about the All-In-One Vox tipping over when you've attached the mask (spilling water on your piano or soundboard). 

What is the science behind DoctorVox?

The DoctorVox is a biofeedback device designed to increase back-pressure (equalizing the air above and below the vocal folds) while massaging the vocal tract, folds, and surrounding muscles with sound-waves. 

Using the Vox will adjust and balance the vocal muscles and breathing muscles to relax and contract naturally in a safe and effective manner. Bubbling through a Vox leads to:

  1. Positive increase in air-pressure above the vocal cords
  2. Lowering of the larynx
  3. Artificial elongation of the vocal tract
  4. Relaxation of the vocal muscles
  5. Altering kinesthetic sensitivity
  6. Proper respiration

If you are preparing for a vocal performance, using the Vox is the safest way to warm up and cool down. Singers working with the Vox immediately produce better tone quality even without prior instruction, since they use the help of physics at the moment they start bubbling. We call this effect the ‘Sihvo’ effect which prolongs up to minutes even after using the device.

Some benefits you’ll enjoy with DoctorVox include better tone and timbre, improved vowel quality, richer higher harmonics, more precise and balanced glottal attack and damping, increased vocal range, increased vocal stamina, and better control of breathing and support.

Where can I find vocal warmups to go along with my DoctorVox?

Warmups and exercises are available to all DoctorVox users HERE

How much water should I put in my DoctorVox?

Considering that every singer is different due to their physical makeup, water levels will vary from singer to singer.  Adding more water does not equate to being a better singer or having a stronger voice. It's all about finding your optimal water level that works for your voice. This is why you need to study the videos that explain how to find and set your optimal water level.

What is the purpose of the DoctorVox Mouthpiece?

Some singers begin bubbling and hear air leakage coming from the corners of their mouth. This occurs when the lips are not sealed tightly around the tube. Easy fix, right? You simply tighten your lips around the tube to prevent air leakage. However, when some singers do this they squeeze too tight, creating excess muscular tension in the face, tongue, and muscles beneath the chin.

In order to alleviate this from happening, the mouthpiece was created. Now your lips can stay in a more natural position without having to tighten around the tube. This relaxes the face, tongue, and throat, and you may notice even more vibration from bubbling.

What is the purpose of the LaxVox?

The LaxVox was the invention of  Finnish Voice Pathologist, Marketta Sihvo. It is a straight silicone tube measuring 35 cm long (roughly 14 inches) and 9-12 mm diameter (roughly 1/2 inch). Bubbling through the tube into a cup of water creates an artificial elongation of the vocal tract and increased back-pressure that is adjusted by the amount of water used.

The LaxVox tube is a powerful tool.

It is handy to carry and can be used in those times when you don't want to use your DoctorVox. You can stick it in a purse or your back pocket and have it on the ready to bubble at any time.

What is the purpose of the MaskVox?

The MaskVox is the magic piece of the DoctorVox Vocal Strength Training Kit. While bubbling through a tube is great for the voice and can be used for a quicker vocal warm-up, attaching the MaskVox allows for speakers and singers to work on songs and spoken presentations. You receive the same benefits of increased back-pressure, vocal sound wave massage, and better muscular balance, while also being able to articulate every single word.

A bonus benefit is that using a MaskVox can lower decibel levels. This makes it the perfect tool to use if you are singing in an apartment, a hotel room, or warming up back stage, but prefer not to be heard. Now you can practice with confidence without worrying about disturbing others.

What are each end of the tubes used for?

The long tube on the DoctorVox and top tube on the All-In-One Vox are used for phonation. By vocalizing through these tubes you can make the water bubble, which will change the level of back-pressure while massaging your voice with sound.

The short tube on the DoctorVox and side tube on the All-In-One Vox are used for inhalation. Simply inhale on these tubes to humidify your vocal tract and folds.

Can the DoctorVox resolve vocal issues?

Absolutely! Dr. Ilter Denizoglu designed the original DoctorVox for use with patients suffering from debilitating vocal issues, such as nodules and bowed cords. Dr. Denizoglu has successfully reversed these issues without surgery simply with the use of a DoctorVox device and DVT therapy.

How often should I use my DoctorVox?

The DoctorVox can be used every single day for warm-ups, cool downs, singing or speaking, as well as vocal exercises for vocal strength training. 

You cannot overuse the DoctorVox when your optimal water level is set because it massages all of the medial muscles surrounding the vocal folds, maintaining perfect muscular balance.

Do you collaborate with influencers/artists?

YES! We have an affiliate program where affiliates are given 10% discount codes to share with their followers once accepted into the program. Upon each use of the code, affiliates will receive 10% commission of the sale. If YOU are interested in participating, click HERE to apply.

What is the purpose of back-pressure?

Back-pressure basically balances the air pressure above and below the vocal folds. Typically we inhale and then as we speak or sing, air is released from the lungs as the vocal folds compress together (adduction) to resist that air release. Adduction is what creates sound. The sound fills up the negative airspace above the vocal folds. 

When we add resistance in the form of bubbling, the negative airspace above the vocal folds begins to match the air pressure below our folds creating equal pressure above and below. 

This results in the surrounding vocal muscles (thyroarytenoid, cricothyroid, posterior cricoarytenoid) functioning more efficiently. They do not have to work as hard, making it easier to vocalize throughout your entire range, improving stamina, tone, and pitch.

Why can’t I use a straw and glass of water?

You can use a straw in a glass of water! However, when using a straw in a cup you will lose a lot of energy because bubbling is not as efficiently returned to your vocal folds due to the air bubbles bursting and leaving the top of the cup. 

With a DoctorVox you are assured that the minimal amount of air is released via the short tube on a PocketVox or the side tube of an All-In-One Vox due to the containment of water. The top of a Vox device is sealed. No open top equals better back-pressure. 

As important is the optimal water level setting. Once you've set your optimal water level with a Vox you always know your level. If you're using a random cup, you will have to test your level every single time.

Can I overuse my DoctorVox?

As long as your optimal water level is set you cannot overuse your Vox. DoctorVox spokesman, Jaime Vendera once performed on Good Morning America, shattering a wine glass with his voice via amplification. This was before the DoctorVox existed. 

The day before the show, Jaime had shattered over 60 wineglasses with his voice over a period of eight hours. The morning of the show, Jaime warmed up by doing hundreds of lip bubbles on random slides for several hours before the show. 

How did it go? 

The feat was so impressive and his voice was in such great shape come showtime that he was invited to appear on the television show, MythBusters to prove whether the human voice could shatter a wine glass without amplification. 

Lip Bubbles are a great exercise, but the Vox is "lip bubbles on steroids." In other words, you will never overuse your Vox!

Who invented the DoctorVox?

Dr. Ilter Denizoglu is the creator of DoctorVox. After working with Finnish Voice Pathologist, Marketta Sihvo, he eventually expanded the LaxVox exercise to create new exercises and the DoctorVox devices that we now use today.

Can anyone use the DoctorVox?

From kids to adults, the DoctorVox is safe and effective for anyone to use.

I lost my voice. What’s the easiest way to regain it using DoctorVox?

The simplest way to regain your voice with a DoctorVox is to do random vocal slides for two minutes per hour every hour. This assures a gentle massage effect 10 to 12 times per day to slowly reverse inflammation and begin returning your voice to normal.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, we ship everywhere in the world with the exception of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Israel, and Romania.

When will my kit be shipped out?

Your DoctorVox order will be shipped out within 1-3 business days after your initial purchase. United States shipping time will be 2-4 business days while international shipping will take 1-3 weeks.

Is my Vox dishwasher safe?

No, unless you want a melted lump of plastic instead of beautiful vocal cords. 

Should I add hot water to my DoctorVox?

You can add hot water from the tap to your Vox. This will increase the steam room effect that you feel when using the initiation tube.

But, NEVER add boiling water as it will melt your DoctorVox or All-In-One Vox. Reminder to never put these tools into a dishwasher as the same can happen.

Is The DoctorVox patented?

Yes, the device is patented in multiple countries, including the United States.

Can I return or exchange my DoctorVox?

As a medical device, you can't return or exchange a used DoctorVox product due to sanitary restrictions. However, if there is a defect or your items are damaged within the first 30 days of purchase, email us at doctorvoxus@gmail.com and we will send you a replacement item at no cost.