Do You Ship Outside The U.S.?
No, currently we only ship domestically within the United States. If you live outside of the United States, please visit our international partners at DoctorVox International.

When Will My Kit Be Shipped Out?
Your DoctorVox kit will be shipped out within 3-5 business days after your initial purchase.

Is My Vox Dishwasher Safe?
No, unless you want a melted lump of plastic instead of beautiful vocal cords. See our video on how to clean your Vox.

Can I Overuse My Vox?
If the water level is set correctly, you can not overuse your Vox. When the back pressure is perfectly balanced, the medial muscles are not overworked. Thus, you can use your Vox for minutes at a time or hours on end. Refer to the Demonstration Video to find your perfect water level.

Is The DoctorVox Patented? 
Yes, the device is patented in multiple countries, including the United States.

What Materials Are Used In Making The Vox?
The Vox components are made of high-quality, medical-grade, antimicrobial, silicone and non-BPA plastic.

What Is The Science Behind DoctorVox?
The simplified version - For the vocal cords to vibrate, the positive air pressure below the vocal cords must pass between them to “fill up” the negative air space above. The air balance alleviates excess tension on the medial muscles surrounding the cords. 

By bubbling through the Vox you create “back-pressure” from your own soundwaves, which massages the vocal cords.

This also creates a “cap” on how much air can be released, due to the flow through and out of the tubing, which is channeled in/out of the BottleVox.

When this occurs, the medial muscles surrounding the cords (posterior cricoarytenoid, thyroarytenoid, and cricothyroid muscles) do not have to work as hard to maintain pitch. 

Why Not Just Use A Regular Straw In A Bottle?
The PocketVox attached to a BottleVox is a straw on steroids. The watertight seal from the dual headed tube to the bottle prevents additional air from escaping, which occurs with a straw in a regular bottle. This increases the amount of “back-pressure” or the maximum “sound massage” effect.

As well, the dual tips allow for both vocalizing and inhalation to moisturize the vocal cords.

Last, the tube is designed to approximate the length from the mouth to the vocal cords, (the vocal tract) and curved to prevent the singer/speaker from tilting the head to assure proper posture and minimal neck tension. The bonus Vox tube is also the correct length and diameter for maximum efficiency.

What Are The Benefits Of The DoctorVox Vocal Strength Training Kit?

  • Less muscular work means less stress.
  • An internal vocal massage from back pressure
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Easier sustained notes
  • Improved breath control
  • More efficient and quicker warmups
  • Better cord closure