The Ultimate Vocal Product.

DoctorVox increases your range, eliminates strain, and allows you to warm up in record time.

"It's a singers secret weapon"

DoctorVox can improve your vocal stamina, increase your range, and reduce muscular stress.

DoctorVox Warmups

Get access to DoctorVox warmups, strength-training exercises, interactive demos, and learn how to get the best out of your bottle.
Professionals That Use DoctorVox


As a songwriter, I needed to make sure my vocals were strong enough in my demos. Thanks to Jaime Vendera and the DoctorVox Vocal Strength Training Kit, I'm able to reach notes I never thought were possible in no time!

Jeff Rivera, Writer/Producer

The first time I used the Vox I was blown away! This kit was the key that unlocked the potential and versatility in my voice. I didn’t even believe it was possible. When people ask me how I keep my voice healthy I tell them, “I Vox!”

Macy Addis, Singer/Songwriter

I love my Vox! It's a great tool and a must have for all singers. I can take it anywhere with me and be warmed up within minutes.

Velicia Alston(Sassy Vee), Singer

The Vox is a powerful tool that makes practicing so much easier. I always have it with me at rehearsal and backstage. I'm quick to recommend it to other singers.

Tiago Costa, Music Instructor/Singer

When I got sick and lost my voice, my DoctorVox was what kept me ready for the next gig. I take it absolutely everywhere with me.

Jessica Knepp, Singer

The Vox is a fabulous biofeedback machine! It helps you develop the right muscles to sing, relieves tension after a long singing session, and is a great warm up tool, especially when the time and place are not adequate for a formal warmup.

Claude La Roche, Singer/Songwriter

The Vox is a total game changer with warming up, repairing, and maintaining my voice! It truly is like getting a massage on the vocal cords. I can sing longer and stronger! It’s a singer's secret weapon.

Larry Pancake, Country Artist

We use the DoctorVox Vocal Strength Training kit on the job to maintain and repair our voices when we are competing with loud industrial equipment. If we lose our voice, we lose the job.

Ryan Wall, Singer

The Vox keeps my voice well in control and also strengthens my vocal support. In turn, my vocal projection has improved so much that I don’t use microphones for singing some of my opera Arias.

Benson Chacko, Singer/Songwriter

It is incredible how much the Vox has helped with my performance and vocal stamina. It’s freaking awesome. Every singer should be using it!

Mike Curtis, Singer/Songwriter