As many of you have discovered, we have a brand new color: Black

When I first urged Dr. Ilter Denizoglu to create a silicone version of the Doctorvox glass device, I told him he needed the dual tube to be made of rubber and small enough to fit in your pocket so I'm Musician can take it with them wherever. I suggested the name PocketVox. looks like that name, ha ha.

However, I soon discovered that I couldn't find a water bottle that fit perfectly for the PocketVox. so I urged him to make a bottle. At the time, the new Vox products were solid colors. Here is a picture of me in Amsterdam in 2016 with a prototype, preparing to shatter three wine glasses with my voice for a television show:


As you can see, the prototype is a solid color and I'm using a regular water bottle. I wanted to create a blue version that was transparent. That is the version that you know today. here I am in Mumbai and the music conference after the transparent prototype was created:

There is just something so cool about the shape of this bottle and the fact that the pocketvox is transparent. You can watch the water bubble and see the condensation inside the tubes

While Blue was my original vision. I'd also dreamed of having the Vox in other colors. We launched the pink Vox months ago, and now it is time for the black Vox. And it arrived just in time for me to get the very first black kits to my students, Dustin Bates (Starset) and Wrex Horton (Flat Black) while they performed at Sonic Temple in Columbus, Ohio:

There’s no Vox more metal than a black Vox. So check it out; let us know which color is your favorite.

See you next article,

Your Vox coach,


Jaime Vendera

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