Hey, Vox users, it's your Vox trainer, Jaime Vendera. I wanted to share a story with you from way way way back in a land that time forgot: the 80s, ha ha ha.

Back in my teens when bands like Bon Jovi and Def Leppard were dominating the radio waves, I got hooked on rock music. By 15 years old I was rehearsing with a band who didn't have the greatest PA system for rehearsal. I was using a microphone, but it was a little tough for the other musicians to hear me. Unfortunately, I couldn't really hear myself. So, I would often cup my hand behind my ear and bend my hand and my ear forward towards my mouth. This simple movement amplified my own sound. I could hear myself very easily.

Hand/ear cupping was quite handy with a few bands I’d rehearsed with throughout my teen years. I remember a time rehearsing with a band that only had a small guitar amplifier to use for singing. I suddenly missed that old PA from my last band. As usual, I’d cup my hand behind my ear and then sing as loud as I could to be heard over the instruments.

Some of you might think this is your answer to your hearing problems. I wouldn't suggest hand/ear cupping as a replacement for a monitor system. I’m lucky that I never blew out my voice. But, all that loud singing apparently blessed me because a few decades later I would go on to set the world glass shattering record on a television show called, MythBusters.

Still, cupping your ear with you hand can be a valuable asset when in a pinch. But what if there were a better way…there is! It’s called the VAM (Vocal Acoustic Monitor).

The VAM is the world's first non-powered vocal monitor, created to amplify a singer’s voice and deliver it directly to their ear without vocal fatigue. Think of it like a waterslide for the voice; it slides the sound of your voice to your ear.

The VAM can be used as a hand-held device or attached to your microphone, making it the perfect tool to add to your gig bag. You can use it when singing with a choir, at live band rehearsal, even at home by yourself when you're fine-tuning your songs and want to improve your hearing and intonation.

The VAM will prevent you from over singing (pushing too much volume to hear yourself). You'll be able to dial down volume and breath, which can prevent you from shouting and allow a buzzing, resonant tone to float out of you. 

When you can hear yourself, not only will you stop over singing, you'll notice that you're singing in tune. Hearing yourself above other singers and instrument will help to make sure that you're not going flat or sharp.

If you want to improve your singing, it starts by improving your hearing. There’s no better way than the VAM. So, grab your VAM today and take back control of your sound,

Your Vox coach,


Jaime Vendera

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