Demonstration Videos

The Vox is the singer's and speaker's secret weapon to warming up in record time, reducing vocal inflammation, and building pure vocal strength. Watch this video to learn more about the Vox and what comes in your kit.


Watch this video to learn about the magic of back-pressure and how you can use the sound of your own voice to massage your vocal cords through bubbling.


Before using your Vox watch this video to learn how to adjust your water level for the perfect vocal massage and how to properly clean your kit. NOT DISHWASHER SAFE.

At its core, the DoctorVox Vocal Strength Training Kit is three pieces that create one tool: a tube (PocketVox), a mask (MaskVox), and a bottle (BottleVox). 

These three tools combined incorporate an approach that requires the singer to vocalize through a tube (or mask) into a bottle of water, which in turn massages the vocal cords and surrounding vocal muscles via sound waves. 

Many singers, vocal coaches, and voice therapists praise the use of humming through a straw into water. But the PocketVox is no ordinary straw. The long end of the double straw approximates the length of the vocal tract and is used for vocalizing, while the short tube can be used for inhalation to breathe humid air directly down the trachea onto the vocal cords to make your voice feel “more elastic”.

The design of the PocketVox attached to the BottleVox ensures that very little air is lost and that most air release is converted into back-pressure for a better vocal massage and workout. Using an ordinary straw in a cup or bottle of water does not function in the same manner. 

Think of the Vox as a straw on steroids. Dr. Ilter Denizoglu’s device has successfully reversed vocal nodules without surgery with these devices.

  • The Dual function PocketVox allows both inhalation and exhalation.
  • The BottleVox design assures easy grip and the usage of minimal water for maximum effect.
  • The MaskVox has two functions:
  1. It can be attached to the tip of the PocketVox and used to articulate your words, allowing you to sing and bubble simultaneously.
  2. On its own, it is great to wear to reduce volume level. This is extremely beneficial when you need to rehearse, but you cannot sing your loudest due to thin walls in a hotel, apartment, backstage, etc.