Whether you’re a singer, speaker, auctioneer, radio announcer, doctor, lawyer, school teacher, cheerleader, even a librarian…(yes, I stole this from our latest DoctorVox commercial)…your voice will benefit from DoctorVox!

With proper vocal technique and the correct water level, the DoctorVox becomes your secret weapon for all-day vocal maintenance. 

I’m Jaime Vendera and this is the first of many articles to help inspire you and guide you through the process of building a better voice. You might know me from shattering glass with my voice on television shows like, MythBusters. Maybe you own one of my books or vocal programs. For now, simply consider me your Vox coach, helping you develop your best voice through proper vocal training and the DoctorVox.

You should know that you don’t have to be a singer to begin vocal training. If you use your voice, whether standing in front of a classroom full of students, answering phone calls at work, or leading a Zoom meeting your voice is the center of all focus. 

Without developing a healthy voice, you can lose the “focus” of your listeners. You need a strong, healthy, energetic voice, one that reflects a great personality to command your listener’s attention. 

A weak voice can easily lose the attention of your listeners…and lead to vocal issues like hoarseness, loss of range, even nodules:(

Have YOU ever experienced any of these issues:

Have you ever felt like your voice was “going out” in the middle of a presentation? Has your voice ever felt dry or tired at the end of the work day? Have you ever felt a lump in your throat after an hour of talking non-stop? Have you ever woken the morning after a gig, party, concert, or ballgame with a sore throat?

These issues can become problems of the past with DoctorVox.

Yes, vocal issues can still arise, especially without proper training or the right tools to help maintain and recover your voice.

Thankfully, your DoctorVox IS the right tool! But it is only a tool. You must learn how to use that tool.

Which is why we’ve created free vocal exercises, training videos, and the eBook, Rebalance Your Voice. For your best Voxing experience download the mp3s and ebook and watch the instructional videos today!

Keep an eye out for more newsletters from DoctorVox. We will be sending many articles with vocal tips to help you develop a commanding speaking voice, tips to improve your range, stamina, tone, and power, and tips to improve vocal health and maintenance.

If you wish to interact with us now, join our DOCTORVOX VOCAL COMMUNITY 

And if you haven’t seen our latest commercial, watch THE ULTIMATE VOCAL PRODUCT 

See you next article,

Your Vox coach,


Jaime Vendera

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