The AIOVox
The AIOVox
The AIOVox
The AIOVox

The AIOVox

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Maintaining your voice is an everyday routine. And that’s why singers and speakers use multiple tools for vocal health and like steamers and nebulizers, straws for vocal warmups, breath training devices, and sound-proofing to keep from bugging your neighbors when practicing. 

Thankfully, the  All-In-One device (A-I-O) aka the AIOVOX replaces ALL the vocal tools that a singer needs! In fact, it is seven tools in one!

It’s a vocal massager making it the perfect vocal warmup assistant - when vocalizing through the AIOVOX, the bubbling massages your vocal cords with sound vibrations for the most effective vocal warmup ever. It also aids in quicker vocal recovery time when your voice is hoarse or tired——and if you want to enhance your massage experience while also relaxing your chin and facial muscles, attach the mouthpiece to feel more vibration!

The AIOVOX is your personal trainer for vocal strength development. You can take your vocal muscles to the gym by adjusting the water level and the amount of airflow resistance with the back-pressure valve to increase or decrease the intensity of your vocal workout. 

The bubbles act as visual biofeedback for monitoring your breath release. You can fine-tune your breath control and muscular balance by keeping that water bubbling consistently and evenly!

The AIOVOX is a portable humidifier. When your voice is feeling dry, simply inhale through the side tube to let your voice relax in a mini steam-room. 

If you want  better breath control and the ability to sustain longer notes, use your VOX as a Breath Training Device for both inhalation and exhalation exercises. You can easily adjust the valve to vary the airflow resistance during your breathing exercises.

By attaching a MaskVox to your AIOVOX you’re creating the world's smallest rehearsal room…You can now sing while receive the same VOX benefits-feeling that sound bubbling massage, alleviating vocal strain, improving breath control…all while articulating every single word of your songs.

If you want to improve you definitely have to practice. Sometimes practice doesn’t seem like an option, especially when we’re afraid of disturbing others. Luckily, the maskVox attachment is the perfect sound reduction tool for lowering the volume. You’ll feel comfortable practicing in an apartment, a hotel room, a green room, even on a tour bus. 


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