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The VAM (Vocal Acoustic Monitor) is THE tool for singers and speakers struggling to hear themselves during rehearsal. Often when this occurs it results in shouting or over-singing, leading to pitch issues and vocal strain. The VAM is a non-powered monitor that helps prevent shouting. Think of it like a "sound-slide" that slides your voice right to your ear (without causing ear fatigue). 

Now you can rehearse with confidence, whether with a choir, your band, at home on your own, and even backstage before a performance.

The VAM is the perfect tool for amplifying your ability to hear your own voice above other singers and instruments, enabling you to sing without straining, fine-tune your pitch and tone, as well as harmonizing with other singers. 

If you've ever cupped your hand over your ear and pulled it forward to hear yourself, the VAM is the next level! Whether you hold it in your hand, clip it to a mic stand, or attach it to a microphone, hearing yourself has never been easier.

The VAM is a "one ear only" device, allowing your other ear to dial-in the sound mix of other musicians and singers! It is also an effective tool for anyone who has suffered from hearing loss. Hearing yourself loud and clear without having to strain your voice has never been easier. 

The VAM also comes with the detachable back plate that functions as a bass enhancer. When the back plate is inserted it creates a vocal chamber that deepens the singer’s tone, giving off a bass effect. It can also be removed for microphone attachment.

The VAM not only prevents ear fatigue and vocal fatigue, and improves intonation, it helps you discover the true sound of your own voice! Hear yourself as others do to improve your singing!

Product Features & Benefits

Increase Range + Stamina

Using the principals of SOVT therapy, you can easily increase vocal range, strength and stamina. The back pressure created by our products improves muscular balance to create the perfect vocal cord massage.

Reduce Inflammation

Bubbling through your DoctorVox will increase blood flow to the cords and surrounding tissue. It is the safest and most efficient way to eliminate vocal strain and inflammation.

Warm Up and Cool Down Fast

Warming up and cooling down are essential for long-term vocal health. Using DoctorVox with our included vocal exercises prepares your voice for the stage and studio faster and more effectively than ever before.

Use Your Voice Anywhere

At home or on the road, our products are designed with portability in mind. Instantly reduce your sound by up to 30dB when vocalizing through the bottle or singing into the mask. Your neighbors will thank you.

Eliminate Vocal Breaks

Tired of your voice cracking and breaking? Smooth out your range from your lowest to your highest note by using our guide to find your optimal water level. The more water you add, the more resistance you create.

Improve Breathe Control

By utilizing the long (exhalation) and short (inhalation) tubes, as well as our attachments, you can develop proper breath control. Using our breathing exercises will take your lung capacity to the next level.

Strengthen Your Vocal Muscles

It's like taking your voice to the gym! Think of the water inside the DoctorVox as weight. The more you add and push with your voice, the stronger your voice will get.

Recover From Injury

DoctorVox has helped numerous people recover from vocal injuries, soreness, or a lost voice. It can reverse inflammation and return your voice to normal.